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24K Gold Micro-Current V-Face Slimming Massage

24K Gold Micro-current V Face Slimming MassagerThe 24K Gold Micro-current V Face Slimming Massager was developed using the same massage manipulation technique as used by professional beauticians. The movement of the two rollers will knee the skin by applying gentle pressure. Please adjust the pressure to particular body parts.

Micro-current vibrations: stimulates circulations and activates cells

Cosmetic techniques: a professional beautician massage

Chrome-plated rollers: beautiful appearance, easy to clean. A firm surface with resistance to corrosion

ABS resin, stainless copper, 24K gold

Radian handle

Radian handle is designed to adjust the angle, according to the body area of treatment

3D roller:

360-degree rotation, designed to cover all areas of the face and body

Silver rolling ball

Suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin

*Advance handle addition of massage, beautiful skin, tighten the skin

*Just like mini Beautician, a new generation of kneading technology

*Two rollers are applicable to any part of the skin

Face massager device, instruction booklet, dust bag, cleaning cloth