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Placenta Face Cleanser 2g*50

Rwine Beauty Face Cleanser is your must-have cleanser and go-to makeup remover. This milk cleanser for all skin types gently washes off everyday impurities like dirt and makeup without drying the skin. 

Placenta extract can activate and replace the unhealthy cells, reconstruct cell structure, to help the skin regain its tenderness. Tighten pores in second also promotes new skin regeneration that takes place continuously to help repel the onset of aging. The small molecules of Swiss mineral water can easily penetrate into the skins, quickly remove the impurities and makeup residue, help melanin decomposition.


Main Ingredients: Placenta, Progeline, Swiss mineral water, Moroccan lava ash, B-glucan, Ceramide 3, nicotinamide arbutin extract, avocado extract, white tea essence, natural vitamin E

Skin Type: All Skin Type

Suggested Usage: One pack per day (Morning & Night) Using one pack or half a pack each time the amount should be enough for your whole face

Origin: Made in Japan
Packing specifications: 2g x 50/ Box (14cm x12cm x 5cm)
Capacity: 2g/pack
Expiration : 2 years from the date of manufacture

Our Beauty Tips

Double Cleansing

Suggest using cleansing oil first to remove heavy makeup, then apply milk cleanser wipe off with wet cotton rounds and rinse with water.

Clean Skin 24/7 

Stash the to-go size in your purse to quickly wash off sweat and dirt after the long flight trip or work out without drying your skin.

Foaming Mask

For a deeper cleanse, start with half of the milk face cleanser to remove impurities and makeup and rinse. Then, the remaining milk cleanser, you can use the facial machine to help massage onto face for 30 seconds, to increase the blood circulation and removing with warm water.