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Hy+balsam Professional Kit

Civasan Hydro Balsam Treatment is a professional line of products. It is moisture capturing and maintaining kit  It provides skin with the best condition in which the skin can recognize moisture and protects a skin protective layer that is likely to be damaged by external conditions. Thus, it solves current skin troubles (dull skin, blemishes, and wrinkles). A high water particle patch prevents water evaporation and helps water diffusion in the skin by using a special technique.

Sodium Hyaluronate, Betaine, Panthenol

Containing 30% hyaluronic acid

Perfect for extremely dry skin and internal dryness  

Soothes itchiness and irritation caused by dryness 

Creates a synergy effect when used with other treatments by increasing skin’s flexibility 

10 ampoules and 3 cream tubes

Step 1: B5 Gel /H2O Booster (5ml x 5ea)

Step 2: M3 Finish Ampoule / Hidratante Patch (5ml x 5ea)

Step 3: H2O Balsam Cream / Finish Cream (20ml x 3ea)

The True  Moisture Bomb 

Containing 30% hyaluronic acid

Ideal for extremely dry skin and internal drying

Relieving irritation due to itching and dryness

How to use

Apply B5 Gel to help balance oil and moisture and restore normal skin. Apply B5 Gel to the entire face and neck and allow it to penetrate until it is not sticky. Apply the same amount of M3 Finish Ampoule as the previously applied B5 Gel to the entire face and neck and let it blend in

Feel the plumpness.

The water channel is activated that aquaporins, always gives the feeling that apply a mist to the skin in a sustained manner to circulate the water molecules.

Before and After Customer Photos

A trusted brand that many salons are using CIVSAN products