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Spotlight Whitening Mask is a professional whitening care mask for melasma and blemish care. It instantly shows the whitening effect by maximizing the skin transfer by encapsulating the ingredient that cures the skin in four steps from ultraviolet rays to skin irritation, the spread of melanin formation and pigment. The natural vitamins found in guava extract and other plant extracts help your skin radiant and glow. Experience magical change on your skin.

Guava extract, Tranexamic acid, Culture medium of morning glory plant stem cell, BRTC, Palmitoyl tripeptide & Natural water lily flower extract 

Immediately brightening, skin looks brighter, younger, glowing

Suitable for all skin type use [ex. sensitive skin, after treatment, or skin with inflammation

Dark spots and uneven skin tone

The appearance of acne scars

Clean face, prepare by toning your skin

Open the pouch, take out the face mask put on the face. 

Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and massage face gently to allow absorption of remaining liquid content into the skin

Recommend 2 times a week, place on clean face for 10 to 20 mins!


Made in Korea