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Tofu Face Wash

Get smooth and fine-textured skin! This is a non-foaming face washing cream that feels just like rich tofu. Uses soy milk from Tsubakiya, a tofu shop in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is made from non-genetically-modified soybeans grown in Japan and soaked in water from Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture. The final product is adjustment-free soy milk made with mashed soybeans – skins, embryos, and all. Soybean isoflavones, a key ingredient to making soy milk, can moisturize skin for a more supple feel. It also provides minerals from bittern components found in the ocean waters of Muroto, Kochi Prefecture. This face cleansing cream also contains saponin from plant-based cleansing ingredients, skin texture support, skin-firming seaweed extract. These ingredients work every day to support fine-textured skin.

A non-foaming face-wash cream that feels like washing with tofu

Tofu is good for beauty, health and longevity and has long been loved in Japan. If you apply a freshly made tofu-like facial cleansing cream on your face without whipping it, it will wash off the dirt and dullness * 1 in your pores while reducing friction on your skin . Leads to cloudy skin.

Uses soy milk and soup from Muroto from Hiroshima Tofuya

Non-genetically modified domestic soybeans are soaked in natural groundwater in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, and then used as an unadjusted soymilk that is ground without removing the skin or germ . In addition, bittern * 2 extracted from seawater in Muroto, Kochi Prefecture, is rich in minerals .

Moisturizing × Tightening Supporting daily silky skin creation

■ Soy Isoflavone - High in soy, which is the raw material of soy milk, moisturizes and leads to firm skin.
■ Saponin - Removes old sebum and keratin accumulated with vegetable cleaning ingredients.
■ Seaweed extract *3 - Prepares the texture of your skin and tightens it tightly.

* 1 Old keratin containing melanin * 2 Moisturizing ingredient * 3 Hibamata extract (humidifying ingredient)

1. Remove makeup, take an appropriate amount (cherry size) on your hand, and blend with your wet face.

2. After spreading over the entire face, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water